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REL Realty Advisors is not a development company in the traditional sense. We are facilitators who bring innovative ideas, best practices and the best professionals together to conceive and to support a specific approach to each real estate development project to accomplish the stated objective.

We develop an ethic around a project, following the cultural, social and financial imperatives of a project and then build a team that can support and defend that ethic.


We apply the required disciplines, exacting the highest creativity and resourcefulness of our team and the best professionals to see the project through to successful completion, whether the development of a new project, acquisition of new assets, repositioning and redevelopment of an existing property.


REL Realty Advisors functions as a trusted advisor, fiduciary, gatekeeper and eyes, ears and voice of our investors and our clients from conception to occupancy, to operation, or to disposition.


We participate as owner’s representative, consultant, joint-venture partner or principal.

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